Rebecca Kuzemchak is a New York based conceptual artist whose work explores the history and politics of language and labor.
Titled (Copy)
2017 | 30x30in. | Definition of the noun "copy" per Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (11th edition), acrylic on panel
2015 | Twenty-one 12x9 in. panels | Genesis 11:1-9 as Google Translated into twenty-one languages, ink pen on paper
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Picture, revisited
2015/2013 | Acrylic and ink pen on wooden cubes | One thousand 1x1x1 in. cubes
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Mantra, or Acconci adapting LeWitt
2014 | 12½x16½ in. | Quote attributed to Vito Acconci paraphrasing Sol LeWitt in 1969, ink pen on paper
Un Coup de Dés
2014 | Eleven 9x12 in. panels | Printed scan of a poem by Stéphane Mallarmé published in layout in 1914, ink pen on paper
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2014 | Two 12x9 in. panels | Standard English translation of the text of Lorem Ipsum, Egyptian scribal equipment hieroglyph Y3, ink pen on paper
2014 | Thirty-two 4x6 in. panels | Thirty-one one minute weather reports broadcast by 1010WINS from December 2002 through December 2003 and transcribed by Kenneth Goldsmith in The Weather, ink pen on index cards
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On Spectacle
2014 | Forty-nine 9x6 in. panels | Text of Guy Debord's The Society of the Spectacle, ink pen on paper
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